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This list includes those who did some good to Ireland. So most politicians and clergymen are excluded

Alexander, Cecil Francis, 1818-1895, hymn-writer

Allen, William Allen, David Allen and Sons, bill-posters

Allman, George James, 1812-98, botanist and zoologist

Allman, George Johnston, 1824-1904, mathematician

Atthill, Lombe, 1827-1910, obstetrician

Balfour, Arthur James, 1848-1930, 1st Earl Balfour, Chief Secretary 1887-91

Balfour, Gerald, 2nd Earl Balfour, 1853-1945, Chief Secretary, 1895-1900

Ball, Sir Robert Stawell, 1940-1913, astronomer, mathematician

Barbour, Sir John Milne, linen thread manufacturer

Boole, George Boole, 1815-64, mathematical logic

Boucicault, Dion, 1820-90, dramatist

Brabazon, Reginald, 12 earl of Meath, 1841-1921, philanthropist

Burke OP, Rev Thomas, 1830-83, Dominican preacher

Burke, Thomas Henry, 1829-82, Under Secretary 1869-82

Carson, Sir Edward, 1854-1935, barrister, MP

Clancy, John Joseph, MP, Dublin North 1885-1918

Clark, Sir George Smith, 1861-1935, ship builder at Workman Clark

Clarke, Harry, 1889-1931, stained glass

Cochrane, Sir Henry, 1836-1904, non-alcoholic drinks

Dargan William, 1799-1867, railway projector

Davidson, Sir Samuel, 1846-1921, manufacturer of industrial fans

Deasey, Rickard, 1812-83, barrister, MP, Lord Justice of Appeal

Dickinson DD, Rev. Hercules, 1827-1905. Dean of Chapel Royal, Alexandra College 

Dinneen SJ, Rev. Patrick, 1860-1934, Gaelic language, lexicographer

Donnelly, Sir, John 1834-1902, education South Kensington

Du Cross, Sir Arthus Philip, 1871-1955, manufacturer of pneumatic tyres

Dunlop, John Boyd, 1840-1921, inventor of pneumatic tyres

Edward VII, 1841-1910, king 1903-10

Ewart, Sir William, 1817-89, linen manufacturer

Falkiner, Caesar Litton, 1863-1908, barrister, Historical Manuscripts Commission

Ferguson, Sir Samuel, 1810-86, barrister, poet, antiquary, Keeper of the Records

Ferguson, Henry, 1884-1960, manufacturer of tractors

Finlay S.J., Thomas Aloysius, 1848-1940, priest, educationalist, and author

Fitzgerald, George Francis, 1851-1901, professor, physics , education

Flower, Robin, 1881-1946, Gaelic language, poet, translator

Foley, John Henry, 1818-74, sculptor

Foster, Vere, 1819-1900, philanthropist, educationalist, assisting emigrants

French, William Percy, 1854-1920, song writer

Froude, James Anthony, 1818-94, controversialist, historian

Gallagher, Thomas, 1840-1927, tobacco manufacturer

Geddes, Wilhelmina, 1887-1955, stained glass

George V, 1965-1936, king 1910-36

Gibson, Edward, 1st Baron Ashbourne, 1837-1913, barrister, MP, Lord Chancellor

Gilbert, Sir John, 1829-98, antiquarian, librarian of Royal Irish Academy

Gore-Booth, Eva, 1870-1926, co-operative movement

Graves, Rev. Charles, 1812-99, C of I bishop of Limerick, mathematician

Gray, Edmund Dwyer, 1845-88, journalist, municipal improver

Gray, Sir John, 1816-75, journalist, MP, municipal improver

Green, Alice (Mrs Stopford Green) 1847-1927, writer on Irish history

Gregory, Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory , 1852-1932, dramatist, theatre.

Grubb, Sir Howard, 1844-1931, instrument maker

Grubb, Thomas, 1800-78, instrument maker

Gubbins, John, 1836-1906, racehorse breeder

Guinness, Edward Cecil, 1st earl of Iveagh, 1847-1927, brewer, philanthropist

Guinness, Sir Edward Arthur, 1st Baron Ardilaun, 1840-1915, brewer, philanthropist

Gwynn, Rev. John, 1827-1917, divinity, authority on ancient Syriac

Hannay, Rev. James Owen, ‘George Birmingham’, 1865, 1950, clergyman, novelist

Hardebeck, Carl, 1869-1949, music collector

Harland, Sir Edward, 1831-95, shipbuilder, MP, mayor of Belfast

Haslam, Anna, 1829-1922, women’s’ suffrage, temperance

Haughton, Samuel, 1821-97, geologist, tide observations, medical administrator

Healey, John Edward, 1872-1924, barrister, editor of Irish Times, co-operative movement

Herbert, George, 13th earl of Pembroke, 1850-95, technical education

Hincks, Rev. Edward, 1792-1866, deciphering cuneiform inscriptions

Horniman, Anne, 1860-1937, theatre  promoter

Hyde, Douglas, 1860-1949, Gaelic language promoter

Ingram, Thomas Dunbar, 1826-1901, barrister, Indian civil service, historian

Ingram, John Kells, 1823-1907, scholar, TCD, RIA

Ismay, Joseph Bruce, 1862-1937, ship-owner White Star  line

Ismay, Thomas Henry, 1837-99, ship-owner, White Star line

Jacob, George, 1854-1942, biscuit manufacturer

James, Sir Henry, 1803-77, Royal Engineers, ordnance survey

Jellicoe, Anne, 1823-80, women’s education, Alexandra College

Joly, Charles Jasper, 1864-1906, Astronomer Royal

Kane, Sir Robert, 1809-90, chemist, education

Keenan, Sir Patrick, 1826-94, education

Lane, Sir Hugh, 1875-1915, art dealer and collector

Larcom, Sir Thomas, 1801-79, Royal Engineers, surveying, mapping, Under Secretary

Lavery, Sir John, 1856-1941, painter

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan, 1814-73, barrister, journalist, novelist

Lecky, William, 1838-1903, historian, Liberal MP

Lett, Anita, 1872-1940, rural development for women

Macan, Sir Arthur, 1843-1908, obstetrician

MacDonnell, Anthony, 1844-1925, Baron MacDonnell, Indian Civil Service, Under Secretary

Mackie, James, 1864-1943, textile machinery manufacturer

MacNeill, John (Eoin), 1867-1945, Gaelic scholar and antiquarian

Mahaffy, Sir John Pentland, 1839-1919, provost of Trinity College Dublin

Mapother, Edward, 1835-1908, surgeon, medical officer of health

Marconi, Guglielmo, 1874-1937, development of radio

Martin, Violet, 1862-1915, author

Martyn, Edward, 1859-1823, dramatist

McClintock RN, Sir Francis, 1819-1907, Arctic explorer

Molloy, Monsignor Gerald, 1834-96, education

Moore, George, 1852-1933, writer

Morris, Sir Michael, Lord Morris and Killanin, 1826-1901, barrister, MP, Lord Chief Justice

Mulholland, John, 1st Lord Dunleath, 1819-95, linen manufacturer

Murphy, William Martin, 1844-1919, finance, urban transport, newspapers

Newman, Rev. John Henry, 1801-90, education, controversy, Cardinal

O’Brien, Charlotte, 1845-1909, writer, philanthropist, assistance for emigrant women

O’Brien, Peter, Baron O’Brien, 1842-1914, barrister, Lord Chief Justice

O’Conor Don, Charles Owen, 1836-1907, MP

O’Donovan, John, 1806-61, Gaelic scholar and antiquarian

O’Hagan, Thomas, 1st Baron O’Hagan, 1812-85, barrister, journalist, Lord Chief Justice

Orpen, Sir William, 1878-1931, painter

Osborne, Walter Frederick, 1859-1903, painter

Palles, Christopher, 1831-1920, barrister, Chief Baron of the Exchequer

Parke, Thomas Heazle, 1857-93, army surgeon, African explorer

Parsons, Sir Charles, 1854-1931, inventor of steam turbine

Parsons, Sir Lawrence, 4th earl of Rosse, 1840-1908, astronomer

Parsons, William, 3rd earl of Rosse, 1800-67, astronomer

Pirrie, William, Viscount Pirrie, 1847-1924, shipbuilder at Harland and Wolff

Plunkett, Sir Horace Curzon, 1854-1932, co-operative movement MP

Plunkett, Elizabeth, Countess of Fingall, 1866-1924, co-operative movement

Ponsonby, Frederick, 6th earl of Bessborough, 1815-95, landowner, Irish peer

Praegar, Robert Lloyd, 1865-1953, botanist

Purser, Sarah, 1848-1943, painter

Quin, Edwin Richard, 3rd earl of Dunraven, 1812-71, landowner, antiquarian

Quin, Wyndham Thomas Windham Wyndham-, 3rd earl of Dunraven, 1812-71, landowner, yachtsman

Reeves, Rev. William, 1815-92, antiquarian

Reynolds, James Emerson, 1844-1920, chemist, professor Trinity College Dublin

Richardson, James Nicholson, 1846-1921, linen manufacturer

Ridgeway, Sir William, 1858-1926, classical scholar, study in the origin of money

Roberts, Frederick, 1st Earl Roberts, 1832-1914, field marshal.

Robinson, Thomas Romney, 1793-1882, astronomer, mathematics, physics

Ronan, Stephen, 1848-1925, barrister, Lord Justice of Appeal

Ross, Sir John, 1853-1935, barrister, MP, land judge, Lord Chancellor

Russell, Charles, Baron Russell of Killowen, 1832-1900, solicitor, barrister, MP, Lord Chief Justice of England

Russell, George, (A.E.), 1867-1935, journalist, co-operative movement

Shackleton, Sir Ernest, 1874-1922, Antarctic explorer

Shaw, George Bernard, 1856-1950, dramatist

Sheehan, Rev Patrick, 1852-1913, priest and novelist

Smiles, William Holmes, 1846-1904, ropemaker Belfast Ropeworks

Smyly, Sir Philip Crampton, 1838-1904, surgeon

Smyly, Sir William, 1850-1941, surgeon, obstetrics

Somerville, Edith, 1858-1949, writer

Stanford, Sir Charles Villiers, 1852-1924, composer

Stewart, Sir Robert, 1825-1894, music, professor of music

Stokes, Margaret, 1832-1900, antiquarian

Stokes, Sir William, 1839-1900, surgeon

Stokes, Whitley, 1830-1909, Gaelic scholar

Stoney, Bindon Blood, 1828-1909, chief engineer Dublin port

Stoney, George Johnstone, 1826-1911, mathematics , physics , education

Sullivan, Alexander Martin, 1830-1904, journalist, MP

Sullivan, Alexander Martin, 1871-1959, barrister, last First Serjeant

Sullivan, Timothy Daniel, 1827-1914, journalist, MP

Synge, John Millington, 1871-1909, dramatist

Thomson, Sir Charles Wyville, 1830-82, naturalist, Challenger expedition

Thomson, Sir William, 1st Baron Kelvin, 1824-1907, mathematics , physics

Tod, Isabella, 1836-96, women’s rights, temperance

Todd, Rev. James, 1805-69, Gaelic scholar, historian, librarian of Trinity College Dublin

Victoria, Queen, 1819-1901, queen 1837-1901

Wigham, John, 1829-1906, lighthouse improver

Wilde, Oscar, 1856-1900, dramatist

Wilde, Sir William, 1815-76, surgeon, antiquarian

Wolff, Gustav, 1834-1913, shipbuilding  at Harland and Wolff

Wolseley, Garnet, 1st Viscount Wolseley, 1833-1913, field marshal

Workman, Francis, 1856-1927, shipbuilding  at Workman Clark

Yeats, Jack, 1871-1957, painter

Yeats, William Butler, 1865-1939, poet, dramatist.




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