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          As in my earlier books my primary sources were the newspapers and the Dictionary of National Biography. These I read first to form my own opinions, and then I read the printed histories primarily to see if I had missed anything important. Chronology is the backbone of history, and it allows the reader to see the sequence of events. Chronology too gives the author spaces he must fill in. He is not allowed to jump from episode to episode selecting only those that fit his theory, a besetting sin in writing Irish history. Nor is the writer allowed to select ‘themes’ which fit his argument, a besetting sin in socialist versions of history. On these latter the philosopher Karl Popper argued that you can prove any theory you wish by selecting only the facts that support your theory. Also by studying the primary sources first the temptation just to follow earlier authors like sheep through a gap is avoided.

          Because of the large size of newspapers at the end of the nineteenth century it was not possible within a reasonable timeframe to read the daily newspapers, so weekly editions were used. These gave the essential facts. The Weekly Irish Times proved outstanding with its wide and sympathetic coverage of most aspects of Irish life. Journals pertaining to particular professions were very useful. Particularly useful were the issues of the Irish Constabulary Gazette for they expressed the views of an important body of Irishmen. In quoting these sources I tried to do so as far as possible verbatim, at times changing only the tenses of the verbs. This at times resulted in a certain inelegance but the flavour of the times and the immediacy are retained.

          The Dictionary of National Biography was another extremely useful source as there is an entry on almost every important Irishman or people from Britain who spent some time in Ireland. The information given regarding Ireland might amount to only a few snippets, but put together in a chronological framework they allow a picture to be built up. Just as this work was coming to an end the online version of the New Dictionary of National Biography became available. This is a revision of the old work but does not render the older edition obsolete. In fact the old version is given alongside the new, and it is useful to consult both for the incorporation of new material often means that some of the older material must be omitted. But the new version allows for re-evaluations of reputations which can be instructive.

          The articles in the old edition of the Catholic Encyclopaedia available in the online edition and on CD-ROM are instructive in two ways. They give the relevant facts and canon law on a particular subject. But they also illustrate the extraordinary anti-Protestant bias of Irish Catholic priests of the period. Were it not for the fact that the articles can be checked against other sources one would be inclined to accept the versions of Irish history given by Catholic priests at face value.


1/-       One shilling, the shilling being one twentieth of a pound sterling

1/6       One shilling and six pence or pennies, or twelfths of a shilling

A.O.H.  Ancient Order of Hibernians

Bart.     Baronet

C. of I.  Church of Ireland

DMP    Dublin Metropolitan Police

DORA Defence of the Realm Act (1914)

GOC    General Officer Commanding

IAOS      Irish Agricultural Organisation Society

INTO   Irish National Teachers Organisation

IRA      Irish Republican Army

IRB         Irish Republican Brotherhood

J. P.      Justice of the Peace

LEA     Local Education Authority

MP       Member of Parliament

OBE     Order of the British Empire

OED    Oxford English Dictionary

op. cit.     opus citatum the work cited just previously

passim     in various places

R.E       Royal Engineers

RIC         Royal Irish Constabulary

RUC     Royal Ulster Constabulary

S.J.        Society of Jesus

T.B.      Tuberculosis

UUC    Ulster Unionist Council 

UVF     Ulster Volunteer Force

VAD     Voluntary Aid Detachment

WIT     Weekly Irish Times



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